Uset Hotel is located in Ürgüp, the heart of Cappadocia and belongs to Nevşehir Hacı Bektaş Veli University.

Hotel prices are below. Prices include breakfast. Please contact WOCOLS for limited booking. Bookings can be made between 7-10 December 2023 for a maximum of 3 nights.

On 8 December 2023, conference sessions, shuttle service will be provided from the hotel to the Conferemce Center in the morning and evening.

The hotel accepts cash payments only in Turkish lira. For all other currencies, you can pay with a credit card.

Room Types

Turkish Public Officer

Other Guests

Single/per person

300 TL

450 TL

20 EUR

Double/per person

225 TL

337,5 TL

15 EUR

Please click link below for more information about the hotel