Balloons's Sunrise Tour

The fact that there are so many hot air balloons in the sky almost every morning in Cappadocia has created another phenomenon: People now come to Cappadocia at sunrise to see the balloons dance in the sky. And to be honest we understand why… Seeing 100-200 balloons flying over the magnificent landscapes of this part of Turkey is quite a sight to behold.

But a good show also means lots of people… and frankly, we think you’d be surprised how many people were on the streets of Goreme at 4:30 am.

For this tour, we will pick you up from the hotels at 5:30 am and take you to the observation deck. With the sunrise at approximately 7:45 am, you will watch the magnificent course of hundreds of colorful balloons. Our guests can also get on the balloons with the help of our guide. Balloon prices are around 200 euros.

Important Notes

This tour will be held if the balloons take off depending on the weather conditions. The weather report is finalized 1 day before the tour. For this reason, our guests who will participate in the tour will apply to the registration desk on the day of the congress and make their payments. Necessary instant notifications will be made during the congress.

Date: 09 December 2023

Time: 5:30 AM – 9:00 AM

Type: Daily Tour

Services included in the price

-Sandwich, coffee and tea

-Guidance service

-Transport from selected hotels