Prof.Dr. Hakan Yardımcı

Ankara Unıversıty, Turkey


Hakan YARDIMCI was born in 1961 in Mardin city of Türkiye. He graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in 1984. He completed his phD in Veterinary Microbiology in 1989 at the faculty he graduated from, and received the title of Associate Professor in 1995 and Professor in 2001 at the same faculty.

He is currently the Head of the Department of Preclinical Sciences at Ankara University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Head of the Microbiology Department and a faculty member. He continues to serve as a member and vice president of the Turkish Zoonotic Diseases National Committee (2021- ) and Food Illumination Platform Association (2020- ) . In addition, to date, he has been the Chairman of the Draft Biosafety Law Commission (2003-2005), the Chairman of the Biosafety Board (2010-2016), the Vice Chairman of the Turkish Zoonosis National Committee (2006-2009), the Chairman of the Animal Experiments Ethics Committee of Ankara University (2007-2010). , TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye) ULAKBİM (Turkish Academic Network and Information Centre) Life Sciences Database Committee Chairman (2006-2014), Ankara University Nuclear Sciences Institute Board Member (2013-2019) and National Nutrition Council Poultry-Chicken Science Commission President (2019).